Dead Until Dark Multiple Choice Test Questions

Charlaine Harris
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Chapter One

1. From where is Sookie Stackhouse?
(a) Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
(b) Shreveport, Louisiana.
(c) New Orleans, Louisiana.
(d) Bon Temps, Louisiana.

2. Why does Sookie accept the way people treat her?
(a) Because she wants others to like her.
(b) Because she is a bit different.
(c) Because she likes how others treat her.
(d) Because she has no other choice.

3. What is Sookie able to do?
(a) Read the thoughts of the people around her.
(b) See the future.
(c) Talk to the deceased.
(d) Leap tall buildings in a single bound.

4. How does a typical night become something special?
(a) Sookie gets off work early.
(b) Sookie's grandmother comes into the bar.
(c) Sam asks Sookie out.
(d) A vampire sits at one of Sookie's tables.

5. When had Vampires been legally recognized?
(a) A few decades back.
(b) A few years back.
(c) A few days back.
(d) A few months back.

6. How does Sookie feel about meeting her first vampire?
(a) Angry.
(b) Excited.
(c) Afraid.
(d) Anxious.

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