Daily Lessons for Teaching Dead Until Dark

Charlaine Harris
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One)


In Chapter One, the main character, Sookie Stackhouse, is introduced. This lesson will discuss Sookie and her mind-reading abilities, as well as the other characters introduced in this first section.


Class Discussion: What takes place in this first chapter?

Small Group Activity: Choose one of the characters introduced in this chapter. Who is the character? What is known about him or her? How is he or she introduced? Why might he or she be important to the story?

Class Discussion: Create a graphic organizer listing each character and the students' responses regarding each character. How the characters connected to each other? Who is the main character? How do you know this? How do the others respond to this main character?

Homework: How does the first chapter prepare the reader for the rest of the story?

Lesson 2 (from Chapter One)


In Chapter One, Sookie meets Bill Compton at...

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