Dead Until Dark Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Charlaine Harris
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Essay Topic 1

Sookie Stackhouse is able to read minds.

Part 1) How does this affect her social life? Why does it affect her social life in this way? How does this also affect her self-esteem?

Part 2) How does she use this ability to help herself and others? How do her experiences throughout this book aid in changing her view of herself?

Part 3) How different would the story be if Sookie were not telepathic? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Bill is the first vampire Sookie meets.

Part 1) How is Bill intriguing to Sookie? How does he become important in Sookie's life and to the plot of the story? How is this importance foreshadowed?

Part 2) Is Bill a good example of a typical vampire? Why or why not? How does he compare to other vampires? How does he compare to humans?

Part 3) How does Bill affect Sookie's life? Is his affect good, bad...

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