Dead Until Dark Character Descriptions

Charlaine Harris
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Sookie Stackhouse

This character is an attractive twenty-five-year old waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Bill Compton

A vampire that had grown up in Bon Temps in the 1800s, this character returns to the area when his last surviving relative passes away, and the property reverts to him.

Sam Merlotte

Sookie's boss, this character is attracted to Sookie, though he has never made any advances toward her.

Rene Lenier

This character is the ex-husband of Arlene, one of the waitresses in Merlotte's and a frequent visitor to the bar.

Jason Stackhouse

This character is an attractive man who is never short of company. The company he keeps gets him in trouble when two of his former girlfriends are found dead, and he is suspected of murder.


A waitress at Merlotte's and former wife of Rene Lenier, this character is unaware that her ex is the killer until he...

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