Dead Until Dark Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charlaine Harris
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Chapter One

• Sookie Stackhouse is a 25-year-old waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana who is able to read minds.

• Sookie meets her first vampire at work; Sookie realizes that the Rattrays plan to drain the vampire and sell his blood.

• Sookie attacks the Rattrays, foiling their plans; the couple leaves angrily, vowing revenge.

• Sookie removes the silver chains bound around the vampire; she realizes she cannot read his mind.

• The vampire introduces himself as Bill and asks Sookie what she is; replying that she is a waitress, Sookie returns to work.
• That night after work, Sookie discusses meeting the vampire with her grandmother, Adele Hale Stackhouse.

• Gran wonders if the vampire would speak to her group, The Descendants of the Glorious Dead, and Sookie promises to ask him.

• Jason Stackhouse, Sookie's brother arrives and tells the two women that Maudette Pickens had been murdered the night before.

• Maudette was...

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