Dead Souls Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Tchitchikov's hotel room.

Tchitchikov's hotel room has a living room and a bedroom. It is similar to most other hotel rooms, except it has interesting pictures on the walls.

2. What does Tchitchikov ask the servant at the hotel?

Tchitchikov asks the servant to tell him about all the important people in town. He also asks how many souls each person owns.

3. How does Tchitchikov spend his first day in N?

Tchitchikov gathers information about people in town. He also wanders around town viewing different buildings.

4. Why do the people of N. take such an interest in Tchitchikov?

The people in town take an interest in Tchitchikov because he is new. They also like him because he takes an interest in them, asking them many questions and letting them talk.

5. Why does Petrushka smell bad?

Petrushka smells bad because he wears the same outfit every day. Being a serf, he does not have access to new clothes and baths.

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