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Town of N. - Tchitchikov visits this place at the start of the novel and everyone here goes into an uproar over Tchitchikov's plan to purchase dead souls.

St. Petersburg - This place is often referred to as the standard for doing things in the trendiest or most popular ways.

Souls - This is the term characters use when speaking about the number of peasants or serfs they own.

Nozdroyov's Home - This is where Tchitchikov is violently attacked.

Chaise - This is what many people used during this time period to travel.

Hlobeuv's Estate - Tchitchikov buys this place when he decides to settle down and make his money honestly.

Roubles - This is a type of currency used in Russia that is referred to throughout the novel that Tchitchikov is surprised to learn Vassilyevitch has 10 million of them.

Kopecs - This is another form of...

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