Dead Souls Character Descriptions

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Pavel Invanovitch Tchitchikov

This character buys serfs' dead souls.

The Narrator

This character is an unbiased participant in the novel who offers interesting views about the characters and Russian culture.


This character is a coachman who seems very gruff and often gets drunk and forgets about his duties.


This character is a footman who always wears the same shirt, pants, and jacket every day.


This character is kind, overly caring, and the first person to sell their dead souls.

Madame Korobotcha

This character is the second to sell their dead souls, even though they are worried they have been cheated. They go into town to see what the normal selling price is for dead souls.


This character violently tries to attack a person asking to buy their dead souls. This character then spreads rumors about the person buying dead souls.


This character will...

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