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Greg Iles
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the FBI trying to gather and analyze all of the Sleeping Women paintings?
(a) Hong Kong.
(b) Their lab in Washington, D.C.
(c) Their sercret office in New Orleans.
(d) New York.

2. How do people react to Jordan when she first enters the museum in Hong Kong?
(a) They all stare at her.
(b) They kick her out right away.
(c) They accuse her of sneaking in without paying.
(d) They are very nice and friendly.

3. Who is Fred Coates?
(a) Jordan's boyfriend.
(b) This character is not in the book.
(c) Jane's secret boyfriend.
(d) FBI agent.

4. What do the police assume about Jordan's missing sister?
(a) She is being held ransome.
(b) She ran away.
(c) She is dead.
(d) She is just playing a mean trick on everyone.

5. Whom does Jordan call from the plane on her way to New York city from Hong Kong?
(a) Daniel Baxter.
(b) Daniel Craig.
(c) John Kaiser.
(d) James Knight.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the subject of the book Jordan is working on when the novel opens?

2. What does Kaiser initially think about the missing women?

3. Where did Jordan grow up?

4. How does Jordan get away from the museum?

5. What kind of people are crowded around the Sleeping Women paintings?

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