Objects & Places from Dead Sleep

Greg Iles
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New Orleans

The largest city in Louisiana, located at the mouth of the Mississippi River on the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the kidnappings and murders take place in this location.

Tulane University

The four main suspects in the kidnappings are all connected to this institution. Roger Wheaton, the killer, is an art professor there.

Hong Kong

Glass is visiting this location to work on a photography book about weather when she sees the Sleeping Women art exhibit.

Washington, D.C.

Glass flies here to visit with the FBI about her sister's kidnapping case.

Grand Cayman Island

Kaiser and Glass visit this location to learn what they can from Marcel de Becque.

Quantico, Virginia

This is the location of the national headquarters for the FBI.

Wheaton's Studio

This is a special place set up by Hoffman where he drugs his victims and paints their portraits. Then, he buries...

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