Daily Lessons for Teaching Dead Sleep

Greg Iles
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

Knowing the background of an author can help a reader understand a literary text on a much deeper level. The objective of this lesson is to provide the class with information on Greg Iles.


1) Begin class with a focusing exercise. Have students write for 5 minutes in response to the following prompt: "Why is knowing information about the author important when reading a text?" Collect their responses.

2) Class Lecture: Lecture the class for 5-10 minutes with some information about Greg Iles. How many books has he written? For how long has he been writing? Why are his books so popular? What kinds of genres has he written for? Has he always been an author? What kind of background and education does he have? How did his unique upbringing (father running the US Medical Embassy during the Cold War) influence his work and personality? Why has...

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