Dead Sleep Character Descriptions

Greg Iles
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Jordan Glass

As the main character in "Dead Sleep," this person is a successful war photojournalist.

John Kaiser

This person, an FBI agent based in New Orleans, is highly regarded among colleagues but also has a reputation for being unorthodox in methods. This person is attractive and is widely admired by colleagues of the opposite sex, has a more relaxed appearance than the other agents, and is divorced.

Roger Wheaton

This character is a well known artist and art professor at Tulane University in New Orleans, the anonymous painter of the Sleeping Women portraits, and a deranged serial killer.

Leon Gaines

This character is a brilliant but brutish art student and, also, an ex-con with a violent temper.

Frank Smith

This character is another talented student who is one of the main suspects in the kidnapping mystery. This person comes from a wealthy background and is openly gay...

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