Dead Sleep Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Greg Iles
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Chapter 1

• Jordan Glass, the protagonist, is introduced as a Pulitzer Prize winning war photojournalist. She is traveling in Hong Kong to work on a book on weather.

• Jonathan Glass, Jordan's father, supposedly died during the Viet Nam war in Cambodia while taking a picture of the man who shot him. Jordan does not believe he is dead.

• Jordan goes to an art museum in Hong Kong on the recommendation of a friend. While there, she encounters a series called the Sleeping Women.

• The Sleeping Women are controversial because no one knows if the women featured are dead or alive.

• Jordan is shocked to discover that one of the paintings features Jane, her twin sister. Jane went missing in New Orleans nearly eighteen months ago.

Chapters 2-3

• Jordan recovers from the shock of the painting enough to snap a few pictures of the series and flee the museum. She...

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