Dead Poets Society Fun Activities

N.H. Kleinbaum
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Welton Academy

Draw a sketch of the Academy buildings and grounds.


Create a diorama of one of the dorm rooms or a classroom.

School Comparison

Discuss with a group how your school and teachers compare to Welton Academy and its teachers.

The Cave

Create a diorama of the cave.

Favorite Teacher

Discuss with a group one of your favorite teachers and why that teacher is a favorite.


Discuss with a group a time when you did something because everyone else was. Why was it so difficult to go against the actions of the crowd?

Birthday Present

Write about a time when you were very disappointed in a birthday present you received.

Secret Club

Describe in writing a secret club you have belonged to or would like to belong to.

Favorite Activity

Neil felt alive when he was acting. Discuss with a group an activity that makes...

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