Dead Poets Society Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

N.H. Kleinbaum
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Essay Topic 1

The novel begins with the opening ceremonies at a private boys school. What do the opening ceremonies reveal about the school?

Essay Topic 2

The school is founded upon four pillars or principles. What are the four pillars and why are they important?

Essay Topic 3

Parents are present for the opening ceremonies at Welton. What is revealed about family relationships during and after the opening ceremonies?

Essay Topic 4

Knox has dinner with friends of his father. Why is the visit wonderful and horrible at the same time?

Essay Topic 5

A topic in Mr. Keating's class is poetry analysis. How does Mr. Keating believe that poetry should be analyzed?

Essay Topic 6

Mr. Keating tells the boys to "seize the day." How does Mr. Keating want the boys to "seize the day" and how do they succeed at the effort?

Essay Topic 7

Mr. Keating stands on his desk during...

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