Dead Irish Short Answer Test - Answer Key

John Lescroart
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1. Who is the main character in DEAD IRISH?

Dismas Hardy.

2. Whose death does Dismas Hardy investigate?

Eddie Cochran.

3. How old is Dismas Hardy?


4. What is Dismas' current occupation?


5. In what city does Dismas live?

San Francisco.

6. Dismas has just returned from a vacation in ___________.


7. Which of the following occupations has Dismas NOT had?


8. Who is Dismas' friend?


9. Where does Dismas attend a ballgame?

Candlestick Park.

10. How is the man killed at the ballpark?

He falls over a railing.

11. Who is the homicide detective assigned to the case at the ballpark?

Abe Glitsky.

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