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John Lescroart
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Sam Polk's new wife?
(a) Nika.
(b) Nikki.
(c) Nadine.
(d) Neci.

2. When does Fr. Cavanaugh say is the last time he met with Eddie Cochran?
(a) Sunday night.
(b) Wednesday evening.
(c) Friday noon.
(d) Saturday morning.

3. What is the main thing that Fr. Cavanaugh had not considered when giving Eddie advice?
(a) His unborn child.
(b) His reputation.
(c) His religious education.
(d) His job.

4. How does Dismas realize that Eddie was right-handed?
(a) He had callouses on his right hand.
(b) His left hand was disfigured.
(c) He had ink stains on his right hand.
(d) He had cigarette stains on his right hand.

5. Where does Big Ed spend much of his time in the days after Eddie's death?
(a) In bed.
(b) A bar.
(c) The cemetery.
(d) Church.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who finds Linda Polk's dead body?

2. What does Abe tell Alphonse that panics him a little bit?

3. How many years has it been since Diz and Jane were divorced?

4. What message does Abe leave on Diz' home answering machine?

5. What does Frannie do at Eddie's funeral?

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