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John Lescroart
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Army Distributing in trouble?
(a) They have a huge tax bill.
(b) Their main publication has pulled out.
(c) No one is buying print publications anymore.
(d) The workers are on strike.

2. With what type of weapon is Linda killed?
(a) Rope.
(b) Ax.
(c) Knife.
(d) Pistol.

3. Who finds Linda Polk's dead body?
(a) Diz.
(b) Sam.
(c) Alphonse.
(d) Steven.

4. What did Arturo do after finding Eddie's dead body?
(a) He called Frannie.
(b) He notified the police.
(c) He returned home.
(d) He called his lawyer.

5. Who did Alphonse play basketball against on the night of Eddie Cochran's death?
(a) A YMCA team.
(b) A work team.
(c) A neighborhood team.
(d) A San Francisco police department team.

Short Answer Questions

1. With which employee does Dismas first speak when arriving at the Cruz Building?

2. Why would Nika be interested in leaving Sam?

3. To what does Alphonse admit during questioning?

4. Why does Arturo Cruz not want his homosexuality to become public?

5. What is the mortuary where Eddie Cochran's body is taken?

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