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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Malcolm admit to Laura that made him proud when he was a little boy?
(a) having his mother teach him how to read.
(b) growing peas in his own garden.
(c) carrying heavy things for his mother.
(d) taking care of his baby brother.

2. What does the white Welfare Worker want to do?
(a) make Louise find a full time job.
(b) deny Louise any assistance.
(c) talk Louise into leaving the city.
(d) remove Louise's children.

3. Where is Malcolm walking with two pairs of shoes tied and thrown over his shoulder?
(a) on the beach with Laura.
(b) on a basketball court.
(c) on the way to school.
(d) on the railroad tracks.

4. What does Archie say about writing down numbers?
(a) he writes numbers backwards.
(b) he never wrote down a number in his life.
(c) he always forgets numbers in his head.
(d) he writes down everything.

5. What thoughtless remark does Judge Merritt make about black people?
(a) that they only know how to have babies.
(b) that they live in shacks and drive clunker cars.
(c) that they are mostly criminals.
(d) that he wonders if they are people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Archie outfit Malcolm with new clothes?

2. Why does Louise lose her job cooking for a white family?

3. Why does Earl have to walk home that night?

4. Why does Malcolm put a gun to his head and pull the trigger?

5. What does Earl say will be the outcome of their moving out of town?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where did Alex Baldwin get the material to write the scenario?

2. What image does the sight of a blonde woman crossing the street arouse in Malcolm?

3. What are the two religious books where Malcolm's name is written?

4. What is Malcolm's ambition after he finishes high school?

5. What are the three areas of Malcolm's life represented in the scenario?

6. Who does Louise Little, Malcolm's mother, have to confront in the back yard of her house?

7. How does Malcolm recall his father?

8. What stands in the way of Malcolm's marrying Laura?

9. Unable to pursue his dream, what happens to Malcolm?

10. What event does Malcolm remember as he watches people on the streets?

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