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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city had Laura never heard of?
(a) Lansing, Michigan.
(b) Hoboken, NJ.
(c) Marietta, Georgia.
(d) Detroit, Michigan.

2. Malcolm says "That cat who says he's in utilities actually is in utilities ___________________________."
(a) when he ain't riding his bicycle for the gas company.
(b) when he runs an extension cord from his neighbor's house.
(c) when he reads the customers' meters
(d) when he goes in to pay his bill.

3. What is the news Judge Merritt brings to Malcolm at the Swerlin house?
(a) that he will still have to serve out his sentence.
(b) that he will not have to go to the reform school.
(c) that his mother attempted suicide.
(d) that he will have two more years of probation.

4. what are some of the menial jobs Malcolm has?
(a) delivering papers and cleaning stables.
(b) picking cotton and baling hay.
(c) shining shoes and carrying luggage.
(d) chopping wood and washing dishes.

5. What method does Baldwin use to show flashbacks to Malcolm's early life?
(a) images in the windows of building.
(b) images on the car windshield.
(c) images in Malcolm's sun glasses.
(d) images in the rearview mirror.

Short Answer Questions

1. What discouraging thing does Mr. Ostrovski do to Malcolm?

2. What happens to Earl Little?

3. What happens at night when the Little family has gone to bed?

4. What does Archie say about writing down numbers?

5. What does Malcolm have to say about his names?

Short Essay Questions

1. Unable to pursue his dream, what happens to Malcolm?

2. When the radio announces that Malcolm X will speak at the Audubon Ballroom, what does the viewer learn?

3. What is the Klan's warning to Louise?

4. What dramatic technique does Baldwin use to set up the background of the movie?

5. What is the scene where the character of Laura is introduced?

6. What stands in the way of Malcolm's marrying Laura?

7. Who does Louise Little, Malcolm's mother, have to confront in the back yard of her house?

8. What does Malcolm muse about as he thinks about his past?

9. What are the three areas of Malcolm's life represented in the scenario?

10. After his father is murdered and his mother placed in an asylum, what happens to Malcolm?

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