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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Malcolm meet at the subway?
(a) Sidney.
(b) Laura.
(c) Ada.
(d) Luther.

2. What is the metaphor of the wolves, rats, and swine in Luther's recounting of his brother's murder?
(a) the uncleaness of his brother.
(b) a sign from a black God.
(c) the white people who killed him.
(d) the conflict of society.

3. What is the importance of meeting the Leader?
(a) he has the plans for a revolution.
(b) he has a large church in Harlem.
(c) he knows all the black civil rights leaders.
(d) he leads the Black Muslim community in America.

4. Over what does Malcolm challenge the Sunday Bible Teacher?
(a) whether Jesus was nothing more than a prophet.
(b) whether Jesus was white.
(c) whether Jesus actually raised from the dead.
(d) whether Jesus actually lived.

5. What is the symbolism of the new glasses and a pawnshop watch lying on a towel?
(a) it symbolizes clean thought and clear vision.
(b) it symbolizes time and infinity.
(c) it symbolizes good versus evil.
(d) it symbolizes Malcolm's release from prison.

6. Who is Sidney?
(a) Malcolm's brother.
(b) Louise's husband.
(c) Luther's son.
(d) Laura's boyfriend.

7. To whom does Luther write about Malcolm?
(a) the governor.
(b) the leader.
(c) the preseident.
(d) Malcolm's mother.

8. What does Laura say ministers always are when they hear about real life?
(a) shocked.
(b) unbelieving.
(c) optimistic.
(d) fatalistic.

9. What does Luther have to say about what Malcolm does to his hair?
(a) that he looks really nice.
(b) that he won't have money to do it in prison.
(c) that he is ashamed of who he is.
(d) that he's fooling himself.

10. What does Luther tell Malcolm all black people are?
(a) an accident of nature.
(b) a sub-species.
(c) a lost tribe of Israel.
(d) a nation.

11. What is Laura's comment after Malcolm says that black people don't have to suffer like they do?
(a) that he is crazy as a loon.
(b) that he comes from Mars.
(c) that he is buying a lie.
(d) that he sounds like her grandmother.

12. What does Malcolm say the Leader's letters did for him in prison?
(a) made him feel homewick for Luther.
(b) made him feel like the greatest black man.
(c) made him feel there was no hope.
(d) made him feel like the Leader doesn't understand.

13. What does Malcolm think about Luther's hype?
(a) it must be good because Luther is never wrong.
(b) it must be something metaphysical.
(c) it must be some kind of test for him.
(d) it must be a way to control him.

14. What does Luther tell Malcolm about the first people ever created?
(a) they went to Africa to settle.
(b) they were black people.
(c) they were from a swamp.
(d) they were originally monkeys.

15. What is it West Indian Archie cannot remember when Malcolm goes for a visit?
(a) who introduced them the first time.
(b) where Archie met Malcolm.
(c) who told him about Malcolm's being in prison.
(d) why people call Malcolm Red.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Laura say Malcolm could have saved her once?

2. What does Laura find out about Malcolm as they visit?

3. Who are Malcolm and the others looking for at the police station?

4. What does Malcolm say he feels like when he walks the streets of Harlem?

5. Who lights Malcolm's cigarette when his hand is bandaged?

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