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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What metaphor does Laura use to describe her condition?
(a) a lot of rags tied together.
(b) a dress that is mended many times.
(c) a dress that is past mending.
(d) a torn dress.

2. What does Laura want instead of coffee?
(a) something to eat.
(b) a drink.
(c) just to talk.
(d) a glass of milk.

3. What does Malcolm tell Luther was the only time he ever went down on his knees?
(a) to pick a lock.
(b) to look for a lost coin.
(c) to ask Laura to marry him.
(d) to pray.

4. Why does Lorraine think it is strange that Malcolm met her husband, Luther, in prison?
(a) she says he looks too clean cut.
(b) she says he doesn't look old enough.
(c) she says he looks like a preacher.
(d) she says Luther did not usually make friends in prison.

5. What is Malcolm's response when the police tell them to return in the morning?
(a) he says they will do that.
(b) he says they will return with more people.
(c) he goes and calls a lawyer.
(d) he insists that Hinton needs a doctor.

6. Who is Sidney?
(a) Laura's boyfriend.
(b) Luther's son.
(c) Malcolm's brother.
(d) Louise's husband.

7. What is everyone saying about Malcolm as he refuses to eat pork?
(a) that he is alergic to pork.
(b) that he is losing his mind.
(c) that he is trying to starve himself to death.
(d) that he is watching his weight.

8. What does Malcolm say Luther is the first to do in the prison?
(a) light his cigarette.
(b) figure out his problem.
(c) call him by his name.
(d) give him advice.

9. What does Luther tell Malcolm before he leaves the prison?
(a) I'll get you a better lawyer.
(b) when you come out, come straight to me.
(c) write me a letter sometime.
(d) keep your nose clean.

10. What is Hinton's condition in the jail?
(a) he is praying loudly.
(b) he is unconscious.
(c) he is on a hunger strike.
(d) he is raving mad.

11. What does Sidney witness on the streets as he delivers his papers?
(a) a gunfight between two blacks.
(b) a fist fight between a white man and a black man.
(c) a fist fight between two black men.
(d) a Muslim minister preaching on the corner.

12. What is the metaphor of the wolves, rats, and swine in Luther's recounting of his brother's murder?
(a) the white people who killed him.
(b) the uncleaness of his brother.
(c) a sign from a black God.
(d) the conflict of society.

13. What does Malcolm say when the policeman says bloodshed never solved anything?
(a) he says it could, given a chance.
(b) he says why not find out?
(c) he says it might solves something now.
(d) he says it did when the blood was ours.

14. What does Luther tell Malcolm about the first people ever created?
(a) they were from a swamp.
(b) they were black people.
(c) they went to Africa to settle.
(d) they were originally monkeys.

15. To whom does Luther write about Malcolm?
(a) the leader.
(b) the preseident.
(c) Malcolm's mother.
(d) the governor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sydney say about black women in a Muslim household?

2. What does Luther have to say about what Malcolm does to his hair?

3. What does Laura say she needs from Malcolm?

4. When does Lorraine say she became a member of the Movement?

5. At the police station the night Hinton is beaten, what is the symbolism of the Muslim ministers?

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