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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Luther tell Malcolm about the first people ever created?
(a) they were from a swamp.
(b) they went to Africa to settle.
(c) they were black people.
(d) they were originally monkeys.

2. What is the metaphor of the wolves, rats, and swine in Luther's recounting of his brother's murder?
(a) the white people who killed him.
(b) the conflict of society.
(c) the uncleaness of his brother.
(d) a sign from a black God.

3. Who are Malcolm and the others looking for at the police station?
(a) a black friend who was only an innocent bystander.
(b) the two black men who were fighting on the street.
(c) Minister Hinton who was beaten by the police.
(d) Sidney who was taken into custody.

4. Over what does Malcolm challenge the Sunday Bible Teacher?
(a) whether Jesus was nothing more than a prophet.
(b) whether Jesus actually lived.
(c) whether Jesus was white.
(d) whether Jesus actually raised from the dead.

5. What is the paper Luther talks about with Malcolm and Sydney?
(a) a manifesto of Muslim religion.
(b) a court order against mass demonstrations.
(c) a declaration of independence.
(d) a community newspaper for black people.

6. What does Luther tell Malcolm all black people are?
(a) a lost tribe of Israel.
(b) an accident of nature.
(c) a nation.
(d) a sub-species.

7. What is everyone saying about Malcolm as he refuses to eat pork?
(a) that he is alergic to pork.
(b) that he is losing his mind.
(c) that he is watching his weight.
(d) that he is trying to starve himself to death.

8. Who lights Malcolm's cigarette when his hand is bandaged?
(a) Daniel.
(b) a prison guard.
(c) Frank.
(d) Luther.

9. Who does Malcolm tell Sidney to call when he reports the mob on the street?
(a) all the ministers he can find.
(b) all the newspapers he can think of.
(c) all the black colleges.
(d) all the gang members he can find.

10. Who wants to meet Malcolm now that he is out of prison?
(a) the Leader.
(b) the Numbers Runner.
(c) the Preacher.
(d) the Judge.

11. What metaphor does Laura use to describe her condition?
(a) a torn dress.
(b) a dress that is past mending.
(c) a lot of rags tied together.
(d) a dress that is mended many times.

12. What does Sydney say about black women in a Muslim household?
(a) they are subservient.
(b) they are like queens.
(c) they are equal to men.
(d) they rule the roost.

13. What does Laura say ministers always are when they hear about real life?
(a) optimistic.
(b) unbelieving.
(c) fatalistic.
(d) shocked.

14. What is the symbolism of the boy entering the large white hotel?
(a) it foreshadows the civil rights movement
(b) it represents servitude of the black man.
(c) it symbolized progress.
(d) it represent a change in attitudes.

15. Who is Laura's old man?
(a) a lesbian lover.
(b) a pimp.
(c) her second husband.
(d) an escaped convict.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Laura say she will never go to Malcolm's Temple?

2. How does Laura say Malcolm could have saved her once?

3. Who is Sidney?

4. What does Luther have to say about what Malcolm does to his hair?

5. When does Lorraine say she became a member of the Movement?

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