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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Miss Betty want to know about Malcolm to tell her class of young women?
(a) if he likes black women.
(b) if he is married.
(c) if he has a job.
(d) if he is Muslim.

2. How does Malcolm introduce himself at the police station?
(a) Minister Malcolm Little of Temple Faith.
(b) Minister Malcolm X of Temple Number Seven.
(c) Lawyer Malcolm Little of the Seventh district.
(d) Rev. Malcolm X of the Black Brotherhood.

3. What does Luther have to say about what Malcolm does to his hair?
(a) that he looks really nice.
(b) that he is ashamed of who he is.
(c) that he won't have money to do it in prison.
(d) that he's fooling himself.

4. Why do the men in the license plate shop cheer Luther?
(a) he makes the millionth license plate.
(b) he is leaving.
(c) he knocks down a guard.
(d) he dances on a table.

5. What does Malcolm say when the policeman says bloodshed never solved anything?
(a) he says it might solves something now.
(b) he says it could, given a chance.
(c) he says why not find out?
(d) he says it did when the blood was ours.

6. What does Luther say about white men being devils?
(a) none of them are.
(b) all are without exception.
(c) some of them are.
(d) most of them are.

7. Over what does Malcolm challenge the Sunday Bible Teacher?
(a) whether Jesus actually lived.
(b) whether Jesus was white.
(c) whether Jesus was nothing more than a prophet.
(d) whether Jesus actually raised from the dead.

8. What are Laura's parting words to Malcolm?
(a) you're still the nicest boy I ever met.
(b) you're fooling yourself, you know.
(c) you're still the dreamer.
(d) you're still as stupid as you always were.

9. Why does Laura sound grateful for the subway money?
(a) so she doesn't have to beg on the streets.
(b) so she can get home before her old man.
(c) so she doesn't have to turn another trick.
(d) so her old man won't beat her when she gets home.

10. Who wants to meet Malcolm now that he is out of prison?
(a) the Leader.
(b) the Judge.
(c) the Numbers Runner.
(d) the Preacher.

11. What does Malcolm say the Leader's letters did for him in prison?
(a) made him feel homewick for Luther.
(b) made him feel there was no hope.
(c) made him feel like the greatest black man.
(d) made him feel like the Leader doesn't understand.

12. What is the paper Luther talks about with Malcolm and Sydney?
(a) a declaration of independence.
(b) a manifesto of Muslim religion.
(c) a community newspaper for black people.
(d) a court order against mass demonstrations.

13. What is the setting for the beginning of Part 2 of the scenario?
(a) the prison license plate shop.
(b) the courthouse in Boston.
(c) the parole office.
(d) the back room at Shorty's.

14. What is Laura's comment after Malcolm says that black people don't have to suffer like they do?
(a) that he sounds like her grandmother.
(b) that he comes from Mars.
(c) that he is crazy as a loon.
(d) that he is buying a lie.

15. What does Luther tell Malcolm about using his fists?
(a) we have to fight only white inmates.
(b) we have to learn how to use our heads.
(c) we have to learn how to look innocent.
(d) we have to practice boxing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is everyone saying about Malcolm as he refuses to eat pork?

2. When does Lorraine say she became a member of the Movement?

3. Why is Malcolm led away by the prison guards?

4. What does Laura find out about Malcolm as they visit?

5. What does Luther tell Malcolm all black people are?

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