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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What city had Laura never heard of?
(a) Lansing, Michigan.
(b) Marietta, Georgia.
(c) Detroit, Michigan.
(d) Hoboken, NJ.

2. What discouraging thing does Mr. Ostrovski do to Malcolm?
(a) he tells him he cannot be Class President.
(b) he reminds Malcolm that he is a black boy.
(c) he reports everything to the police.
(d) he tells him he cannot become a lawyer.

3. In a flashback, what does Louise say to Earl about a rabbit?
(a) nobody eats rabbits anymore.
(b) we are all tired of eating rabbit.
(c) I don't know how to cook a rabbit.
(d) we only raised rabbits to sell to white folks.

4. How does Archie outfit Malcolm with new clothes?
(a) from a closet of stolen goods.
(b) with cash he made running numbers.
(c) borrowing from a friend about Malcolm's size.
(d) on his credit card.

5. As Malcolm holds Laura's hand, why does she shiver?
(a) because Malcolm is touching her.
(b) because she is afraid.
(c) because she is cold.
(d) because Malcolm's hand is cold.

6. Where is Malcolm walking with two pairs of shoes tied and thrown over his shoulder?
(a) on the beach with Laura.
(b) on a basketball court.
(c) on the way to school.
(d) on the railroad tracks.

7. How does Malcolm get away with entering a bar in the Negro Section of Lansing?
(a) because he works there.
(b) because he is big for his age.
(c) because no one sees him sneak in.
(d) because he knows the owner.

8. As a youth, what are Malcolm and Laura doing that gets the crowd roaring?
(a) singing.
(b) marching.
(c) dancing.
(d) debating.

9. Why does Malcolm think Shorty wants to set him up with a particular woman?
(a) because she thinks Malcolm is white.
(b) he wants Malcolm to find out if she is a virgin.
(c) if she puts out for Malcolm, Shorty will know she is cheating on him.
(d) he wants Malcolm to break in one of his whores.

10. What name is Malcolm given in Dakar?
(a) El Haji Malik El Shabazz.
(b) Ali Hussein.
(c) Nairobison.
(d) Omowale.

11. What does the teenage Malcolm excel in that wins him admiration?
(a) playing basketball.
(b) writing essays.
(c) playing soccer.
(d) making speeches.

12. What does Malcolm say about Miss Stella who says she is with an old family?
(a) she babysits their small children.
(b) she walks their dogs.
(c) she cleans their toilets and cooks their food.
(d) she washes their windows every Saturday.

13. What happens at night when the Little family has gone to bed?
(a) Louise has a miscarriage.
(b) a storm arises.
(c) the Klan burns down their house.
(d) Earl is shot in his bed.

14. What does Shorty say the Harvard Law School is for?
(a) turning out lawyers to defend the Constitution.
(b) turning out lawyers to become judges.
(c) turning out lawyers to keep black people in jail.
(d) turning out lawyers to defend black people.

15. Where is Louise seen telling someone not to feed that boy no pig?
(a) in a cafeteria.
(b) in an asylum.
(c) in a mosque.
(d) in a breadline.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Louise's feeling about being light skinned?

2. Who is Shorty referring to when he speaks about ofays?

3. What is the news Judge Merritt brings to Malcolm at the Swerlin house?

4. What does Malcolm have to say about his names?

5. What do the Klansmen do to the Littles' house?

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