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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Sidney's question that indicates he fears for Malcolm and his family?
(a) Do you always know where Malcolm goes?
(b) Does Malcolm carry a gun?
(c) Does Malcolm have a bodyguard?
(d) Do you and Malcolm have any money saved?

2. What are other black leaders saying on national television?
(a) that Malcolm X is the new messiah.
(b) that Malcolm X represents the majority of blacks.
(c) that those like Malcolm X are embittered racial fanatics.
(d) that Malxolm X does not lead a hate cult.

3. What is Luther's first advice to get Malcolm out of prison?
(a) let his hair go natural.
(b) hire a good lawyer.
(c) not eat any more pork.
(d) write an apology letter to the warden.

4. What credit does Luther take?
(a) ordering Malcolm's assassination.
(b) putting a stop to Malcolm.
(c) washing Malcolm's hands.
(d) making Malcolm who he is today.

5. What is the occasion at the opening of Part 3 of the scenario?
(a) the birth of Malcolm's first child.
(b) Malcolm's ordination.
(c) the wedding of Malcolm and Betty.
(d) the opening of a new Temple.

Short Answer Questions

1. Malcolm says "That cat who says he's in utilities actually is in utilities ___________________________."

2. What thoughtless remark does Judge Merritt make about black people?

3. What method does Baldwin use to show flashbacks to Malcolm's early life?

4. Why does Earl have to walk home that night?

5. How does Sidney try to get Betty to relax her fears?

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