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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Malcolm get away with entering a bar in the Negro Section of Lansing?
(a) because he works there.
(b) because no one sees him sneak in.
(c) because he knows the owner.
(d) because he is big for his age.

2. What does Malcolm accuse Paul of wanting when he tries to fix him up with a girl?
(a) he wants the girl to scream rape and send Malcolm to jail.
(b) he wants Malcolm to get into trouble.
(c) if she puts out for Malcolm, she'll have to put out for Paul.
(d) he wants to get revenge on the girl for jilting him.

3. Who are Malcolm and the others looking for at the police station?
(a) the two black men who were fighting on the street.
(b) Minister Hinton who was beaten by the police.
(c) Sidney who was taken into custody.
(d) a black friend who was only an innocent bystander.

4. What does Malcolm say about Miss Stella who says she is with an old family?
(a) she babysits their small children.
(b) she walks their dogs.
(c) she cleans their toilets and cooks their food.
(d) she washes their windows every Saturday.

5. What does Malcolm want that has become a point of disagreement between him, Luther, and the Leader?
(a) he wants it to be more mainstream.
(b) he wants it to be more political.
(c) he wants it to be more subdued.
(d) he wants it to compromise more.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Luther's complaint about the white press?

2. How does Betty think Sidney looks as she leaves the newspaper office?

3. Why does Betty say the black newspaper was started?

4. To whom does Luther write about Malcolm?

5. How does Malcolm introduce himself at the police station?

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