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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Malcolm X compare his movement with the early Christians in the Roman catacombs?
(a) preparing for the overthrow of the Empire.
(b) planning a peace movement.
(c) getting ready to die.
(d) fearing for their lives.

2. What is everyone saying about Malcolm as he refuses to eat pork?
(a) that he is trying to starve himself to death.
(b) that he is alergic to pork.
(c) that he is losing his mind.
(d) that he is watching his weight.

3. What does Malcolm say about awakening the black man and telling the white man the truth about himself?
(a) it's an impossible dream.
(b) it's a full time job.
(c) it's all I know how to do.
(d) it's something we do together.

4. What images accompany Malcolm's statement that the white man is in no moral position to accuse anyone else of hate?
(a) police dogs used on black children and cattle prods on men.
(b) Southern Sheriffs helping old ladies across the street.
(c) overcrowded prison cells for black prisoners.
(d) black people cleaning toilets.

5. What does Luther accuse Malcolm of spending his life doing?
(a) looking like the man who raped his mother.
(b) trying to look like a movie star.
(c) looking like a pimp.
(d) looking out for everyone but himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luther say about public reaction to JFK's assassination?

2. Why does Lorraine think it is strange that Malcolm met her husband, Luther, in prison?

3. What is Hinton's condition in the jail?

4. Who does Louise face one night at suppertime?

5. What does Malcolm have to say about his names?

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