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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Malcolm say the Leader's letters did for him in prison?
(a) made him feel like the greatest black man.
(b) made him feel like the Leader doesn't understand.
(c) made him feel there was no hope.
(d) made him feel homewick for Luther.

2. What metaphor does Laura use to describe her condition?
(a) a lot of rags tied together.
(b) a torn dress.
(c) a dress that is mended many times.
(d) a dress that is past mending.

3. Malcolm says "That cat who says he's in utilities actually is in utilities ___________________________."
(a) when he goes in to pay his bill.
(b) when he runs an extension cord from his neighbor's house.
(c) when he reads the customers' meters
(d) when he ain't riding his bicycle for the gas company.

4. What does Betty demand to know of Sidney?
(a) why Malcolm has not been mentioned in the news lately.
(b) why Sidney is writing so much about Malcolm.
(c) why Malcolm is never consulted by the paper.
(d) why the newspaper supports Malcolm.

5. Why is Luther upset with Malcolm?
(a) because he is deserting his faith.
(b) because he refused to answer questions about JFK.
(c) because he spoke about the assassination.
(d) because he took credit to the assassination.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Earl say will be the outcome of their moving out of town?

2. What is the name given to Malcolm during a fist fight in prison?

3. What does Malcolm use to confront Luther?

4. Why is Malcolm led away by the prison guards?

5. Before leaving Luther's study, what question does Malcolm ask?

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