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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Archie outfit Malcolm with new clothes?
(a) with cash he made running numbers.
(b) borrowing from a friend about Malcolm's size.
(c) from a closet of stolen goods.
(d) on his credit card.

2. What do the Klansmen do to the Littles' house?
(a) smash in all the windows.
(b) throw black and red paint on it.
(c) burn a cross in the front yard.
(d) set the house on fire.

3. Why does Malcolm think Shorty wants to set him up with a particular woman?
(a) if she puts out for Malcolm, Shorty will know she is cheating on him.
(b) he wants Malcolm to find out if she is a virgin.
(c) because she thinks Malcolm is white.
(d) he wants Malcolm to break in one of his whores.

4. Why does Malcolm put a gun to his head and pull the trigger?
(a) to show he is not afraid to die.
(b) to put on a show for his friends.
(c) to attempt suicide.
(d) to scare people into doing his will.

5. As Malcolm holds Laura's hand, why does she shiver?
(a) because she is afraid.
(b) because Malcolm is touching her.
(c) because Malcolm's hand is cold.
(d) because she is cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the white Welfare Worker want to do?

2. Who is Shorty referring to when he speaks about ofays?

3. Why does Malcolm make fun of the deacon?

4. What does Shorty say the Harvard Law School is for?

5. What famous historical figure do Malcolm and Shorty talk about on Boston Commons?

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