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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Malcolm X changed when he returns from Mecca?
(a) he believes he is the Prophet.
(b) he stops preaching and starts writing.
(c) he returns to Luther and the Honorable Messenger.
(d) he now teaches brotherhood for all races.

2. What are Laura's parting words to Malcolm?
(a) you're still the nicest boy I ever met.
(b) you're still the dreamer.
(c) you're fooling yourself, you know.
(d) you're still as stupid as you always were.

3. How does Malcolm X compare his movement with the early Christians in the Roman catacombs?
(a) fearing for their lives.
(b) planning a peace movement.
(c) preparing for the overthrow of the Empire.
(d) getting ready to die.

4. What is disturbing to the policemen at the station the night Hinton was beaten?
(a) the noise coming from outside.
(b) the fire in Malcolm's eyes.
(c) the large, silent crowd outside the station.
(d) the newspaper reporters gathered there.

5. What does Malcolm say the Leader's letters did for him in prison?
(a) made him feel like the greatest black man.
(b) made him feel there was no hope.
(c) made him feel like the Leader doesn't understand.
(d) made him feel homewick for Luther.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Louise face one night at suppertime?

2. What does Malcolm promise Betty after this long trip to Mecca?

3. What does Luther accuse Malcolm of spending his life doing?

4. Where does Malcolm go to deliver a speech in New York?

5. What does Malcolm say about Miss Stella who says she is with an old family?

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