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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the screenplay opens, where is Malcolm scheduled to speak that evening?
(a) the Audubon Ballroom.
(b) Madison Square Garden.
(c) Yankee Stadium.
(d) Times Square.

2. What rule does Mrs. Swerlin say she got from her father and that she lives by?
(a) not to make friends with people others do not like.
(b) not to listen to what people say about your friend.
(c) not to expect too much from your friends.
(d) not to make friends with bad people.

3. Why does Earl have to walk home that night?
(a) his congregation keeps him out late.
(b) his car is out of gas.
(c) no taxi will pick him up.
(d) he misses the trolley.

4. What prophetic dream does Malcolm tell Laura he used to have?
(a) flying in the sky like a bird.
(b) marrying a girl just like her.
(c) speaking in front of a large crowd of people.
(d) doing something to help his parents not work so hard.

5. What does Malcolm say when Laura says he is nice?
(a) that he is only nice to people who are nice to him.
(b) that he was raised by his mother to be a nice boy.
(c) that she may not agree when she knows him better.
(d) that he is not nice and Laura's grandmother is right about him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Malcolm's father believe is the real homeland of his people in America?

2. what are some of the menial jobs Malcolm has?

3. What does Malcolm admit to Laura that made him proud when he was a little boy?

4. Why does the insurance company not pay up on Earl's life insurance?

5. Who does Louise face one night at suppertime?

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