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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens at night when the Little family has gone to bed?
(a) Louise has a miscarriage.
(b) the Klan burns down their house.
(c) Earl is shot in his bed.
(d) a storm arises.

2. Where is Louise seen telling someone not to feed that boy no pig?
(a) in an asylum.
(b) in a mosque.
(c) in a breadline.
(d) in a cafeteria.

3. What is disturbing to the policemen at the station the night Hinton was beaten?
(a) the newspaper reporters gathered there.
(b) the fire in Malcolm's eyes.
(c) the large, silent crowd outside the station.
(d) the noise coming from outside.

4. What does Luther say about white men being devils?
(a) all are without exception.
(b) some of them are.
(c) most of them are.
(d) none of them are.

5. Who does Earl say is the prophet God has sent to the blacks in America?
(a) Mohammed Ali.
(b) Marcus Garvey.
(c) Martin Luther King, Sr.
(d) Jackie Robinson.

Short Answer Questions

1. What course is Miss Betty teaching when Luther, Malcolm, and Sidney eavesdrop?

2. What is the metaphor of the wolves, rats, and swine in Luther's recounting of his brother's murder?

3. What is the news Judge Merritt brings to Malcolm at the Swerlin house?

4. What method does Baldwin use to show flashbacks to Malcolm's early life?

5. What does Laura say ministers always are when they hear about real life?

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