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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Laura's parting words to Malcolm?
(a) you're still the dreamer.
(b) you're still the nicest boy I ever met.
(c) you're fooling yourself, you know.
(d) you're still as stupid as you always were.

2. Who does Malcolm tell Sidney to call when he reports the mob on the street?
(a) all the ministers he can find.
(b) all the gang members he can find.
(c) all the black colleges.
(d) all the newspapers he can think of.

3. What does Malcolm have to say about his names?
(a) I have names given by God.
(b) I have no name really.
(c) My name is Legion.
(d) I have had so many names.

4. What metaphor does Malcolm use for the white man asking the black man if he hates him?
(a) the rapist asking the same question of his victim.
(b) the cow that jumped over the moon.
(c) the boy who cried wolf.
(d) the lion lying down with the lamb.

5. What is Hinton's condition in the jail?
(a) he is on a hunger strike.
(b) he is praying loudly.
(c) he is unconscious.
(d) he is raving mad.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Malcolm is shot dead and is buried, what are Betty's last words?

2. What do some women say that puzzles Malcolm?

3. What prophetic dream does Malcolm tell Laura he used to have?

4. What is the evidence that Earl did not commit suicide?

5. What does Malcolm's father believe is the real homeland of his people in America?

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