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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the significance of the name El-Haji Malik El Shabazz?
(a) it is the man who gets Malcolm permission to go to Mecca.
(b) it is the name of the Egyptian.
(c) it is the Arabic name given to Malcolm.
(d) it is the name of the Imam of Mecca.

2. What is Hinton's condition in the jail?
(a) he is on a hunger strike.
(b) he is praying loudly.
(c) he is raving mad.
(d) he is unconscious.

3. What is Betty's concern about their family?
(a) that they do not all agree with Malcolm.
(b) that she and the children might leave him.
(c) that the Movement is not helping them.
(d) that they have nothing set aside for emergencies.

4. Why does Malcolm say I don't know if I know as much as I thought I knew?
(a) when Lorraine says you know about women.
(b) when Betty says you know how women are.
(c) when Betty asks why he married her.
(d) when Betty asks about God.

5. At the police station the night Hinton is beaten, what is the symbolism of the Muslim ministers?
(a) they symbolize the antithesis of the Ku Klux Klan.
(b) they symbolize the ability to hold the mob back.
(c) they symbolize new power.
(d) they symbolize a new age.

Short Answer Questions

1. What method does Baldwin use to show flashbacks to Malcolm's early life?

2. Malcolm says "That cat who says he's in utilities actually is in utilities ___________________________."

3. What does the man on the plane say to Malcolm about the Movement that worries Muslims in the Middle East?

4. How does Laura say Malcolm could have saved her once?

5. what are some of the menial jobs Malcolm has?

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