Daily Lessons for Teaching One Day When I was Lost: A Scenario

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Part 1 the student will be able to discuss how to read a screenplay.

1) Classroom activity:
1. Teacher lecture includes: (1) origin of the material for the scenario; (2) Alex Baldwin as an author; (3) some historical context about Malcolm X.
2. Teacher led discussion on how to read a screenplay: (1) Unlike a novel, much of a screenplay is visual. (2) The screenplay must crowd in pages of
written information into a 90-minute to 2 1/2 hour format. (3) One way to do that is with flashbacks and voice overs. Discuss each. (4) Discuss the
technique Baldwin uses for his flashbacks.
3. Have the students read the first two or three pages and discuss the mood created by (1) the dark parking garage, (2) the radio announcement, and
(3) the revelation that the driver of the car is Malcolm X himself. What effect is produced by his hesitating to start the car?

Homework: Read all of the first part of the...

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