One Day When I was Lost: A Scenario Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Archie - An older man who takes Malcolm under his wing and teaches him how to make a living running numbers, an early (and illegal) form of the contemporary Lottery system.

Honorable Messenger - Although this character never appears in the story, he is often referred to as the head of the Black Muslim Movement, the Nation of Islam.

Laura - One of Malcolm's first loves. She is a young black woman living in Boston, who in the beginning of the script represents innocence. Malcolm thinks she is too young and inexperienced for him.

The Leader - Also known as the Honorable Messenger, a leader in the black Muslim community.

Earl Little - Malcolm X's father. He is a preacher living in the rural South. He preaches the philosophy of Marcus Garvey, a nationalist who believed that all African Americans should move back to Africa and create...

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