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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Faye decided to do with her life now?
(a) Sell silver polish
(b) Start a vaudeville act
(c) Go to college
(d) Work in Mrs. Jenning's brothel

2. What does Tod think about Faye?
(a) She is an inspiration
(b) She is compassionate
(c) She is shallow and self-involved
(d) She is brilliant

3. Why does Tod visit the Greeners almost every night?
(a) Harry is ill
(b) He is bored
(c) Faye cooks supper
(d) His apartment is being painted

4. What is Faye doing when Tod goes to the apartment?
(a) Talking on the phone
(b) Sobbing in her pillow
(c) Crying into a bath towel
(d) Drinking coffee

5. Where does Earle spend most of his time?
(a) The movie studio
(b) A western goods shop
(c) The Santa Monica pier
(d) Faye's apartment

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Homer feels about the situation in his house?

2. What do Tod and Faye do while Harry sleeps?

3. Where does Tod go the next morning in spite of a huge hangover?

4. What does Tod decide he must do?

5. What can Tod see about Harry?

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