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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tod think about Harry's mannerisms?
(a) He cannot help how he behaves
(b) They must have developed on the stage
(c) He is unaware of what he is doing
(d) He is trying to get Tod to feel sorry for him

2. Why does Faye cut Tod off?
(a) She is bored
(b) She is tired
(c) She has to go to work
(d) She is going out

3. How does Harry punctuate his speech?
(a) Short bursts of laughter
(b) Yawns
(c) Clears his throat
(d) Coughs and groans

4. What is Earle Shoop's profession?
(a) Rodeo Cowboy
(b) Stunt Man
(c) Landscaper
(d) Rancher

5. What do the men do after the rooster is killed?
(a) Go to Mrs. Jenning's house
(b) Go home
(c) Drink whiskey
(d) Buy another rooster

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Homer tell Tod about Faye?

2. How is Faye dressed the next time Tod sees her?

3. What does Tod think about all the movie sets he sees?

4. What does Faye do on the day after Harry's funeral?

5. What does Tod decide to do?

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