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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the little man carry?
(a) A laptop
(b) A clipboard
(c) A Blackberry
(d) A megaphone

2. What color is the building?
(a) buff beig
(b) diluted mustard
(c) flamingo pink
(d) off white

3. What does Homer do for Harry and Faye?
(a) Loans them some money
(b) Buys them a new car
(c) Fixes lunch for them
(d) Takes them out to dinner

4. What disease did Homer get?
(a) Diabetes
(b) Cancer
(c) Pneumonia
(d) Mesothelioma

5. What is the answer to #27 wearing in the picture?
(a) A wedding dress
(b) A harem costume
(c) A suit
(d) A football shirt

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Mary Dove?

2. What is it about Claude's appearance that gives away his profession?

3. What is unusual about the chimney?

4. What does Homer see in the woman's hotel room?

5. What does Tod not like in the landscape he sees on his way home?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Faye react when she comes home to find Tod at the apartment even though Harry is asleep?

2. How does Tod prepare to speak to Faye one more time about working at Mrs. Jenning's?

3. How does Homer manage the intrusion of the Greeners into his life?

4. Explain how the cock fight in Homer's garage is a scene of foreshadowing.

5. How does Tod's new friendship with Abe foreshadow what will come for Tod?

6. What happens between Homer and the woman at the hotel?

7. What is the first physical description the reader gets about Faye?

8. How does Homer's house seem to symbolize who he is?

9. What is Tod's experience with Joan Schwartzen?

10. Describe Tod's accommodations in Hollywood.

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