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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does Claude pay for an old red rooster?
(a) $150
(b) $5
(c) $50
(d) $15

2. What does Tod decide to do?
(a) Move back home
(b) Take acting lessons
(c) Stop chasing Faye
(d) Buy a condo

3. What is Tod determined to do?
(a) Demand that Faye go out with him
(b) Keep chasing Faye
(c) Forget about Faye
(d) Leave Faye alone

4. How does Homer feels about the situation in his house?
(a) It is intolerable
(b) It is a great party
(c) It is just what he wanted
(d) It will wear itself out soon

5. Where do Faye and Homer take Tod one night?
(a) Bowling
(b) The movies
(c) A club
(d) A ballgame

6. Where is Faye?
(a) At the mall
(b) At the race track
(c) At the movies
(d) At the library

7. What is revealed at the beginning of Chapter 16?
(a) Harry is dead
(b) Faye is dead
(c) Homer is dead
(d) Tod is dead

8. Why does Faye take particular interest in Claude?
(a) He reminds her of Harry
(b) He works in the film industry
(c) He is tall, dark and handsome
(d) He invites her to go to a party

9. What does Tod want to do but Faye cuts him off?
(a) Talk some more
(b) Go bowling
(c) Go to dinner
(d) Go for a walk

10. What does Faye do with a champagne cocktail?
(a) Puts strawberries in it
(b) Drinks it in one gulp
(c) Tries to force Homer to drink it
(d) Pours it on the floor

11. What does Tod do on the day of Harry's funeral?
(a) Gives the eulogy
(b) Sends flowers
(c) Gets intentionally drunk
(d) Goes to the beach

12. What is Faye doing when Tod goes to the apartment?
(a) Crying into a bath towel
(b) Talking on the phone
(c) Sobbing in her pillow
(d) Drinking coffee

13. Where do Tod, Faye and Homer go after dinner?
(a) A bar
(b) A ballgame
(c) The bowling alley
(d) A movie

14. What is being held at Homer's garage?
(a) A block party
(b) A garage sale
(c) A dance
(d) A cock fight

15. What is Faye's answer when Tod asks her to sleep with him?
(a) She can't because she does not love him
(b) That's all she can think about
(c) She doesn't say anything but slaps him
(d) She will think about it

Short Answer Questions

1. In addition to Homer and Tod, who is another of Faye's suitors?

2. What is the living arrangement at Homer's now?

3. Who is now living in Homer's garage?

4. What does Tod think when he sees Harry in his coffin?

5. What does Homer tell Tod about Faye?

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