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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tod wonder about stage people?
(a) If they are happy
(b) If they ever stop performing
(c) If they are sad
(d) If they suffer less than others

2. Why does Tod cringe when he sees Faye in her black dress and hat?
(a) There are tear stains on her collar
(b) Her dress is inappropriate for a funeral
(c) He knows what she did to earn the money to pay for it
(d) He does not think she looks good in black

3. How often does Earle pay for dinner?
(a) Occasionally
(b) Never
(c) Every time
(d) Most of the time

4. What happens when Abe tries to dance with Faye?
(a) Faye just laughs at him
(b) He gives up and goes home
(c) Faye throws her drink on him
(d) Earle knocks him unconscious

5. Who does Tod learn has moved in with Homer?
(a) Earle
(b) Faye
(c) Abe
(d) Mary

6. What does Tod notice about Faye's room?
(a) It is a shambles
(b) It is empty
(c) It is dark
(d) It is locked

7. What is being held at Homer's garage?
(a) A block party
(b) A dance
(c) A cock fight
(d) A garage sale

8. What does Harry tell Tod one night when Tod stops in to see the Greeners?
(a) Faye is at work
(b) Faye is sick in bed
(c) Faye has gone out
(d) Faye is asleep

9. How does Harry punctuate his speech?
(a) Yawns
(b) Clears his throat
(c) Coughs and groans
(d) Short bursts of laughter

10. What does Faye do with a champagne cocktail?
(a) Drinks it in one gulp
(b) Puts strawberries in it
(c) Tries to force Homer to drink it
(d) Pours it on the floor

11. Who goes to Homer's house with Tod?
(a) Claude
(b) Mrs. Jenning
(c) Mary
(d) Abe

12. Why does Faye take particular interest in Claude?
(a) He is tall, dark and handsome
(b) He invites her to go to a party
(c) He works in the film industry
(d) He reminds her of Harry

13. What does Faye share with Tod?
(a) Records
(b) Harry's clothes
(c) Books
(d) Ideas for movie scripts

14. Where do Tod, Faye and Homer go after dinner?
(a) A ballgame
(b) The bowling alley
(c) A bar
(d) A movie

15. How does Homer feels about the situation in his house?
(a) It will wear itself out soon
(b) It is intolerable
(c) It is just what he wanted
(d) It is a great party

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tod think about all the movie sets he sees?

2. Who is Faye dancing with when Tod goes back into the house?

3. What does Tod see when he finds the Waterloo set?

4. What is Faye's answer when Tod asks her to sleep with him?

5. What does Tod want to do but Faye cuts him off?

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