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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only way Homer can stop thinking about Faye?
(a) Date a new woman
(b) Sleep
(c) Get drunk
(d) Move back home

2. What is unusual about Faye's boyfriend's behavior?
(a) He never takes off his hat
(b) He phones but won't say anything
(c) He wears orange clothes all the time
(d) He won't come into their apartment

3. Why does Homer leave the room?
(a) The woman falls asleep
(b) The woman pays him the overdue rent
(c) The woman screams at him
(d) The woman reclines suggestively

4. Who is Tod Hackett?
(a) A teacher
(b) A doctor
(c) A waiter
(d) An artist

5. What disease did Homer get?
(a) Mesothelioma
(b) Diabetes
(c) Pneumonia
(d) Cancer

6. What does Faye's new boyfriend bring to the apartment?
(a) Chocolates
(b) A potted plant
(c) Flowers and wine
(d) Theater tickets

7. How long has Tod been in Hollywood?
(a) Not quite three days
(b) Not quite three months
(c) Not quite three weeks
(d) Not quite three years

8. Which artists is Tod interested in now?
(a) Goya and Daumier
(b) Renoir and Gauguin
(c) Pollock and Picasso
(d) Monet and Manet

9. What does Mrs. Jenning call her customers?
(a) Gems
(b) Saps
(c) Darlings
(d) Sportsmen

10. What does Tod think of Joan?
(a) She is gorgeous
(b) She is someone he would like to see again
(c) She is the smartest woman he has ever met
(d) She is too bawdy for his taste

11. Where does Tod live?
(a) A room in a three-story house
(b) An inn
(c) A townhouse
(d) A hotel

12. Who are the subjects for Tod's most recent painting?
(a) Abe and Elsa
(b) Abe and Alicia
(c) Abe and Faye
(d) Aaron and Faye

13. How are the main sections of the house decorated?
(a) Victorian
(b) Early American
(c) Spanish furniture
(d) English cottage

14. What does Tod think Abe is when he first sees him?
(a) A used car salesman
(b) A traveling salesman
(c) A pile of laundry
(d) A minister

15. Who is Harry Greener?
(a) Faye's father
(b) Faye's grandfather
(c) Faye's brother
(d) Faye's uncle

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tod do after work?

2. Where did Homer live before he moved to California?

3. Why did Mrs. Jenning's change professions?

4. How are the bedrooms decorated?

5. Why does Homer buy a cottage?

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