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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Homer buy a cottage?
(a) He was tired and the real estate agent was a bully
(b) He really liked the architecture
(c) It was the right location
(d) He didn't need much space

2. Where is Tod viewing this scene?
(a) A school play
(b) A museum
(c) A Broadway stage
(d) A Hollywood sound stage

3. Who is Mary Dove?
(a) A waitress
(b) An usher at a theater
(c) A friend of Faye's
(d) A nurse

4. What is the content of the note?
(a) A Chinese takeout menu
(b) An invitation to dinner
(c) An overdue rent notice
(d) A racing tip

5. Where does Homer take his walks?
(a) To the pet shop
(b) To the library
(c) To the park
(d) Past Faye and Harry's apartment

6. What does Harry ask Homer?
(a) Where he buys his clothes
(b) If Homer would take in boarders
(c) If he wants to go to the movies
(d) If he wants to buy copper polish

7. What color is the building?
(a) off white
(b) flamingo pink
(c) buff beig
(d) diluted mustard

8. What does Tod want to do with the people he meets?
(a) Make friends
(b) Take them to dinner
(c) Interview them
(d) Paint them

9. What is Tod's view of the world?
(a) Realistic
(b) Naive
(c) Bitter
(d) Romantic

10. Why did Homer move to California?
(a) A new job
(b) Doctor's suggestion
(c) Pursue an acting career
(d) Buy a winery

11. What does Tod not like in the landscape he sees on his way home?
(a) The ugly houses
(b) The dirty kids
(c) The broken down cars
(d) The scruffy landscaping

12. Whose party is Tod going to tonight?
(a) Amanda Greenway
(b) Abe Kusich
(c) Claude Estee
(d) Faye Greener

13. What does Homer see in the woman's hotel room?
(a) The woman is having a party with friends
(b) The room is deserted
(c) The woman is dead in her bed
(d) She is dressed in a man's robe and sobbing

14. Where does Mrs. Jenning take Claude and Tod?
(a) A smoking room
(b) A poker room
(c) A video room
(d) A screening room

15. What is Tod's impression of Mrs. Jenning?
(a) She is too brazen
(b) She is out of her element
(c) She is uneducated
(d) She is quite cultured

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Homer work before he came to California?

2. What is Mrs. Jenning's fee?

3. Who is Faye's new boyfriend?

4. In what room does the answer to #17 live?

5. Where does Homer spend most of his time?

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