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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Homer put the alarm clock?
(a) Near his ear
(b) On the dresser
(c) On the night stand
(d) On the window sill

2. Who is Harry Greener?
(a) Faye's father
(b) Faye's brother
(c) Faye's grandfather
(d) Faye's uncle

3. What happens to the relationship between Faye and Homer?
(a) It goes sour
(b) He shoots her
(c) They get married
(d) She stabs him

4. How often does Earle pay for dinner?
(a) Occasionally
(b) Most of the time
(c) Every time
(d) Never

5. What happens when Faye returns?
(a) Tod is still there
(b) Harry has called for takeout
(c) Tod has cooked dinner
(d) Harry has moved out

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tod wonder about stage people?

2. What does Faye share with Tod?

3. What does Homer's unselfishness make Faye want to do?

4. What does Tod see when he finds the Waterloo set?

5. What does Tod think about all the movie sets he sees?

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