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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Homer leave the room?
(a) The woman falls asleep
(b) The woman screams at him
(c) The woman reclines suggestively
(d) The woman pays him the overdue rent

2. Who is giving the party Tod leaves for?
(a) Amanda Greenway
(b) Claude Estee
(c) Faye Greener
(d) Abe Kusich

3. What happens in the days after Harry and Faye meet Homer?
(a) Homer cannot stop thinking about Faye
(b) Homer finds a job
(c) Homer loses his money while gambling
(d) Homer moves back east

4. What does Tod want to do but Faye cuts him off?
(a) Talk some more
(b) Go to dinner
(c) Go for a walk
(d) Go bowling

5. Who is Tod Hackett?
(a) A waiter
(b) A doctor
(c) A teacher
(d) An artist

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Homer put the alarm clock?

2. What is Tod watching as the story begins?

3. What does Joan show Tod in the Estees' backyard?

4. What is unusual about the chimney?

5. What does Faye tell Homer?

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