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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 11 and 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tod treat Homer?
(a) He ignores him
(b) He befriends him
(c) He yells at him
(d) He berates him

2. What does Tod learn about Faye that he is relieved to know?
(a) She is getting out of the movie business
(b) She has asked him to dinner at her apartment
(c) She has broken up with her boyfriend
(d) She is not one of Mrs. Jenning's girls

3. What does Tod think it would be like to fall on Faye?
(a) A mistake
(b) Jagged edges
(c) Lumpy
(d) Heaven

4. What does Tod think Abe is when he first sees him?
(a) A minister
(b) A pile of laundry
(c) A used car salesman
(d) A traveling salesman

5. What does Tod think when he sees Mary Dove?
(a) That Mary is not as pretty as Faye
(b) That Mary is even prettier than Faye
(c) That maybe Faye works at Mrs. Jenning's
(d) That he has to talk to Faye tomorrow

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Joan show Tod in the Estees' backyard?

2. What does Homer do with his hands as he waits for his bath?

3. What does Harry want Homer to do?

4. What is Claude's profession?

5. Who is Harry Greener?

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