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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Joan show Tod in the Estees' backyard?
(a) New landscaping
(b) A new swimming pool
(c) A plastic life-size replica of a dead horse on its back
(d) A huge hot tub

2. How does Harry Greener meet Homer?
(a) They talk at a coffee shop
(b) He comes to his house to sell silver polish
(c) They go to the same church
(d) They meet at the dog track

3. What does Harry tell Tod one night when Tod stops in to see the Greeners?
(a) Faye is at work
(b) Faye has gone out
(c) Faye is sick in bed
(d) Faye is asleep

4. Who is Mary Dove?
(a) A waitress
(b) An usher at a theater
(c) A friend of Faye's
(d) A nurse

5. What does Tod do after work?
(a) Watches TV
(b) Takes a nap
(c) Does his laundry
(d) Reads

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Homer put the alarm clock?

2. Why did Homer move to California?

3. What does Homer think of Homer's sales pitch?

4. What is unusual about Faye's boyfriend's behavior?

5. What is Tod's view of the world?

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