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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tod think about Faye?
(a) She is shallow and self-involved
(b) She is brilliant
(c) She is an inspiration
(d) She is compassionate

2. What happens in the days after Harry and Faye meet Homer?
(a) Homer loses his money while gambling
(b) Homer finds a job
(c) Homer cannot stop thinking about Faye
(d) Homer moves back east

3. What was Harry's former profession?
(a) Minister
(b) Vaudeville clown
(c) School teacher
(d) Retail manager

4. What does Tod wonder about stage people?
(a) If they are happy
(b) If they suffer less than others
(c) If they are sad
(d) If they ever stop performing

5. What does Claude look like his profession should be?
(a) A body builder
(b) A teacher
(c) A postal clerk
(d) A salesman

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Homer leave the room?

2. Where does Homer put the alarm clock?

3. What is Earle Shoop's profession?

4. To what does Tod resign himself as far as Faye is concerned?

5. What was Mrs. Jenning's former profession?

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