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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry tell Tod one night when Tod stops in to see the Greeners?
(a) Faye has gone out
(b) Faye is sick in bed
(c) Faye is asleep
(d) Faye is at work

2. What does Tod think when he sees Mary Dove?
(a) That Mary is even prettier than Faye
(b) That Mary is not as pretty as Faye
(c) That he has to talk to Faye tomorrow
(d) That maybe Faye works at Mrs. Jenning's

3. How does Harry punctuate his speech?
(a) Yawns
(b) Coughs and groans
(c) Short bursts of laughter
(d) Clears his throat

4. What can Tod see about Harry?
(a) He has a new car
(b) He is very tired
(c) He is very ill
(d) He has a new shirt

5. What does Tod think about Harry's mannerisms?
(a) He is trying to get Tod to feel sorry for him
(b) They must have developed on the stage
(c) He cannot help how he behaves
(d) He is unaware of what he is doing

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is giving the party Tod leaves for?

2. What happens when Faye returns?

3. What is Mrs. Jenning's fee?

4. What does Faye tell Homer?

5. What does Harry want Homer to do?

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