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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elisha remembers a story where the nights sometimes allow the sky to open up so that the ____________ of unhappy children can be heard.
(a) Songs
(b) Cries
(c) Laughter
(d) Prayers

2. At what time of day is Elisha looking out the window he is standing by in the building?
(a) Midnight
(b) Noon
(c) Twilight
(d) Dawn

3. Instead of listening to Dawson, Elisha tries to focus on _________________, but since he's never seen him, this is hard.
(a) God
(b) The Old Man
(c) The British Judge
(d) David ben Moshe

4. What is the only thing Elisha knows about the man he will be facing the following day?
(a) He hates him
(b) He is a traitor to their cause
(c) He is an Englishman
(d) He has 2 girls

5. What kind of job is taking place when David ben Moshe is wounded and captured by the English?
(a) Hard job
(b) Soft job
(c) Recon
(d) Trap

Short Answer Questions

1. Ilana's broadcasts are a product of the _______________, the men find out.

2. Elisha's mother used to tell him there was a ____________ that would guide and protect him everywhere he goes.

3. Who offers to break the news of his impending death to John Dawson?

4. Elisha was named for a man who was a prophet of ____________, as he explains.

5. Looking back on the situation of killing the man, Gad says that he was very young and very _________.

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