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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John refuses to be ______________ when he is executed.
(a) Tied up
(b) Still
(c) Blindfolded
(d) Alone

2. Gideon doesn't say a thing during his torture because he feels as if God is ____________ him.
(a) Testing
(b) Watching
(c) With
(d) Protecting

3. At the end of his first raid, Elisha feels __________ as he finds himself in the same position as the SS guards.
(a) Sick
(b) Redeemed
(c) Powerful
(d) Justified

4. Gad and David are childhood friends who entered the __________ together.
(a) Movement
(b) Military
(c) Temple
(d) University

5. What is NOT one of the ways mentioned that might be considered 'any means necessary' in the goal of the Movement?
(a) Terror
(b) Sudden death
(c) Negotiation
(d) Intimidation

Short Answer Questions

1. Elisha wants to impose the image of ____________ torturer on John Dawson, but he cannot.

2. How old is Elisha when the story begins?

3. Whose name has been on everyone's lips within the media, upsetting the Old Man?

4. What is NOT one of the adjectives one might use to describe the city at the time Elisha is experiencing it?

5. What does Joab notice about himself once he is out of his hiding place?

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