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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the people learn the entire population will be held responsible, the word _________ begins to be whispered by the people.
(a) Betrayers
(b) Pogrom
(c) Coup
(d) Sinners

2. For six weeks, recruits are taught by ____________ instructors on how to use various kinds of weapons.
(a) Young
(b) 100
(c) Female
(d) Masked

3. What time is it when Ilana and Joab comment about how it's the longest night they've ever lived through?
(a) 2:00 AM
(b) 3:00 AM
(c) 4:00 AM
(d) 1:00 AM

4. In Tel Aviv, all of the people are afraid of mass _______________, and all newspapers appeal for the Dawson execution to be called off.
(a) Extermination
(b) Celebrations
(c) Exodus
(d) Reprisal

5. What is the commandment that the Jews have tried to live by, though they have suffered in the process?
(a) Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain
(b) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor
(c) Thou shalt not kill
(d) Thou shalt not have no other Gods but me

Short Answer Questions

1. Gideon thinks he is only alive because he did not admit _____________.

2. _____________ movements in Europe protest in front of British embassies.

3. The boy finally tells Elisha that the dead are not there to ________, but because they go wherever he goes.

4. The Old Man believes the English only respect one thing. What is that one thing?

5. When Elisha begs the boy for answers, what does the boy reply?

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