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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gad talks to Elisha about realizing the age old Jewish dream of an independent ____________.
(a) Government
(b) Power
(c) Religion
(d) Homeland

2. Whose name has been on everyone's lips within the media, upsetting the Old Man?
(a) John Dawson
(b) Elisha
(c) David ben Moshe
(d) Gad

3. Looking back on the situation of killing the man, Gad says that he was very young and very _________.
(a) Weak
(b) Naive
(c) Innocent
(d) Understanding

4. What does Ilana serve to the people who are sitting around the table?
(a) Rice
(b) Lamb
(c) Tea
(d) Coffee

5. Gideon is finally freed from his torture and imprisonment due to ______________.
(a) Lack of evidence
(b) A cunning escape
(c) His captors finding a new torture victim
(d) A prison breakout

Short Answer Questions

1. The beggar tells Elisha not to be afraid of the dark. Night is ____________ than day.

2. What sound finally disappears from the outside, according to the book?

3. Who beats Elisha to bringing the food down to John Dawson?

4. The house is a convenient choice as the comings and goings of ___________ seems to be reasonable activity.

5. Where is John Dawson being kept in the two-story building as he is a hostage?

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