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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Elisha encounter the old beggar who tells him a story he has not forgotten?
(a) Outside his home
(b) Flea market
(c) Synagogue
(d) School

2. Every evening, Elisha has never failed to see a __________ when he stands at the window.
(a) Moon
(b) Face
(c) Cloud
(d) Shadow

3. Elisha owes his life to a ______________, according to his story.
(a) Book
(b) Coin
(c) Woman
(d) Laugh

4. Elisha believes it is necessary to kill in order to change his people's ____________.
(a) History
(b) Future
(c) Lands
(d) Reputation

5. Gideon thinks he is only alive because he did not admit _____________.
(a) His guilt
(b) His allegiance
(c) His plans
(d) His feelings

Short Answer Questions

1. Ilana is saved from being killed by a member of the opposition by a situation with ____________.

2. Whose face does Elisha see as he is staring out the window during this particular night?

3. What is a Meshulah, or the person that Elisha sees Gad during his time with Elisha?

4. What is NOT one of the ways mentioned that might be considered 'any means necessary' in the goal of the Movement?

5. Which side of the English vs. Palestinian conflict has probably had more casualties?

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