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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Looking back on the situation of killing the man, Gad says that he was very young and very _________.
(a) Naive
(b) Weak
(c) Innocent
(d) Understanding

2. Who is the fighter in the Movement who was wounded during a terrorist attack and captured?
(a) Elisha de Leon
(b) John Dawson
(c) David ben Moshe
(d) Ilana Porzikov

3. The beggar tells Elisha not to be afraid of the dark. Night is ____________ than day.
(a) Purer
(b) Easier
(c) Stiller
(d) Truer

4. During what season does the opening section of the novel take place?
(a) Winter
(b) Spring
(c) Fall
(d) Summer

5. What is NOT one of the things Joab does during his 48-hour interrogation session?
(a) Refuses to drink
(b) Spits at the interrogator
(c) Does not react
(d) Refuses to eat

Short Answer Questions

1. The radio announcer says that the _____________ is responsible for the death of David ben Moshe.

2. In what area does Elisha spend time in a youth camp after moving to his new country?

3. For generations, the Jewish people have suffered quietly, trying to abide by the ___________ commandment.

4. Who did Ilana see cry, something which moves Elisha when he hears about it?

5. Elisha seeks to explore questions such as why he was ___________, where God is to be found, etc.

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