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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gad and David are childhood friends who entered the __________ together.
(a) University
(b) Temple
(c) Military
(d) Movement

2. In what area does Elisha spend time in a youth camp after moving to his new country?
(a) Sicily
(b) London
(c) Barcelona
(d) Normandy

3. When the people learn the entire population will be held responsible, the word _________ begins to be whispered by the people.
(a) Betrayers
(b) Sinners
(c) Coup
(d) Pogrom

4. Elisha believes it is necessary to kill in order to change his people's ____________.
(a) History
(b) Future
(c) Lands
(d) Reputation

5. For generations, the Jewish people have suffered quietly, trying to abide by the ___________ commandment.
(a) Fifth
(b) Tenth
(c) First
(d) Sixth

Short Answer Questions

1. From whom did Elisha learn a lesson when he was a child of twelve?

2. What does the English army proclaim once they find out that a member of their troops has been captured?

3. Where does Elisha encounter the old beggar who tells him a story he has not forgotten?

4. The leaders of England feel that a pardon will be interpreted as a sign of ____________ and that it will encourage other young idealists.

5. The Old Man cries because in his eyes, the ____________ are not yet free from fear and victim mentality.

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