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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____________ seems indifferent to the idea of a man dying for no reason.
(a) Gideon
(b) Ilana
(c) Gad
(d) Elisha

2. Elisha learns from his first raid that it is not easy to play the part of ___________.
(a) Killer
(b) A Resister
(c) God
(d) Fighter

3. Who comes knocking at Elisha's door just as he is asking questions of the world and his place in it?
(a) Ilana
(b) Gad
(c) Gideon
(d) David ben Moshe

4. What is the eleventh commandment that is taught to the new recruits when they are training?
(a) Hate your enemy
(b) Forget your family
(c) Listen to the Old Man
(d) Forget your past

5. Elisha is now hearing about Jews, not as ___________, but as fighters who are simply claiming what is theirs.
(a) Victims
(b) Lenders
(c) Warriors
(d) Slaves

Short Answer Questions

1. Who freed Elisha from the concentration camps, though he did not take them up on their offer to help?

2. What does Gad do during the fateful mission which allows them to get away?

3. How many people came along on the first raid in which Elisha participated?

4. Elisha's previous idea about killing others included: If you kill, then you're taking on the function of _________.

5. What is the commandment that the Jews have tried to live by, though they have suffered in the process?

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