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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elisha learns from his first raid that it is not easy to play the part of ___________.
(a) Fighter
(b) Killer
(c) God
(d) A Resister

2. The boy tells Elisha the people are here to witness Elisha become a __________ at dawn tomorrow.
(a) Victim
(b) Murderer
(c) God
(d) Man

3. Who takes Elisha's arm and tells him to talk to the boy who looks like the Elisha of before?
(a) His father
(b) His mother
(c) The rabbi
(d) Beggar

4. Gad and David are childhood friends who entered the __________ together.
(a) University
(b) Temple
(c) Military
(d) Movement

5. The leaders of England feel that a pardon will be interpreted as a sign of ____________ and that it will encourage other young idealists.
(a) Power
(b) Weakness
(c) Passivity
(d) Violence

Short Answer Questions

1. What did John Dawson say when Gideon asked him if he was hungry?

2. Elisha believes it is necessary to kill in order to change his people's ____________.

3. Who urges Elisha to go take the food down to John Dawson?

4. A ____________ delegation is received at the White House where the U.S. president promises to help as well.

5. At the end of his first raid, Elisha feels __________ as he finds himself in the same position as the SS guards.

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