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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Elisha learns from his first raid that it is not easy to play the part of ___________.
(a) A Resister
(b) Killer
(c) God
(d) Fighter

2. _____________ movements in Europe protest in front of British embassies.
(a) Peace
(b) Resistance
(c) Freedom
(d) American

3. The goal of the Movement is simple: to get the ___________ out by any means necessary.
(a) Americans
(b) Gentiles
(c) Women
(d) English

4. Where does Elisha decide to go after he is granted asylum in their country?
(a) Spain
(b) Italy
(c) England
(d) France

5. Looking back on the situation of killing the man, Gad says that he was very young and very _________.
(a) Innocent
(b) Weak
(c) Understanding
(d) Naive

Short Answer Questions

1. Elisha seeks to explore questions such as why he was ___________, where God is to be found, etc.

2. What is the commandment that the Jews have tried to live by, though they have suffered in the process?

3. A ____________ delegation is received at the White House where the U.S. president promises to help as well.

4. In Tel Aviv, all of the people are afraid of mass _______________, and all newspapers appeal for the Dawson execution to be called off.

5. How many people came along on the first raid in which Elisha participated?

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