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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Léonie offer to appease her cousin?

2. Of what is Léonie sick?

3. What story does Léonie tell Baptiste?

4. What does Léonie do when she's feeling the way she is at the moment?

5. Of what do both women accuse the other?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Though this novel contains a complex interrelationship of themes, characters, and imagery, each character, even those not born at the time, is affected by the occupation of the Nazis and their execution of the Jewish family which Henri and Rose shelters. Choose one of the following questions and write a well-developed essay using examples from the book as well as personal experience:

1. Trace how Antoinette has been affected by the Nazi occupation of the Martin house and the village. Give examples and discuss what you think actually happened to Antoinette down in the cellar and how that informs the rest of Antoinette's life.

2. After doing some research, discuss how the country of France in general reacts to the Nazi persecution of Jews of French citizenship. Give examples and relate your research to what happens in this novel.

3. Discuss why you think Léonie chooses to reveal what she knows about the events during the Nazi occupation. Is there any reason for going back to the past and trying to place blame? Should anything happen to the informant this long after the actual event? What do you think should be done?

Essay Topic 2

Starting with the second chapter and as a thread throughout much of the novel is the idea of materialism and obsession with possessions, especially on the part of Léonie. Choose one of the following questions and write a well-developed essay using examples from the book as well as personal experience:

1. Follow the theme of materialism throughout the story, giving specific examples of how and why this theme occurs.

2. Write an essay on the following idea: Is wealth/materialism in direct conflict with a spiritual life? Use examples from the book and from your personal life to illustrate your stance.

3. People from the United States are often accused of being materialistic and that this has greatly contributed to environmental problems. Write an essay either agreeing or disagreeing and support with examples and details.

Essay Topic 3

In chapter 3, Thérèse has left the monastery after being behind its walls for about twenty years. She feels disoriented and confused at life in the "real" world. Answer the following questions in a well-developed essay using examples from the book as well as personal experience:

1. How long do you think it will take Thérèse to adjust to the differences between a cloistered life and life among a diversity of people and places?

2. Why do you think Thérèse chose to close herself off from the "real" world? Are her motivations strictly spiritual? If she is alive after the ending of this story, do you think she will go back to the cloistered life? Why or why not?

3. Many men and women confined in a penal system for any duration of more than a few years find that they cannot adjust to "life on the outside," and often end up back in prison. Some even commit a crime in order to go back to prison. Why do you think this happens? Is there any way to help any person who has been isolated, whether in a penal system or otherwise, to adjust to a more public life? Explain.

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