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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Baptiste kiss?
(a) Thérèse.
(b) Léonie.
(c) The bakery girl.
(d) An Italian girl who is visiting.

2. What milestone occurs in Léonie's life?
(a) She is accepted to Oxford University.
(b) She becomes engaged.
(c) She has her first communion.
(d) Her menstrual cycle begins.

3. What story does Léonie tell Baptiste?
(a) That Thérèse believes the two girls are sisters.
(b) That Madeleine is marrying Louis.
(c) That Thérèse has left to go to a convent.
(d) That Rose is Thérèse's mother.

4. What does Léonie ask her mother?
(a) If the bones could belong to the lady Léonie sees in her vision?
(b) Whose bones are in the grave.
(c) If she and Baptiste could sit with each other at church that Sunday.
(d) When they are going to return to England.

5. Who wants to show Léonie something?
(a) Victorine.
(b) Baptiste.
(c) Madeleine.
(d) Rose.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information does Thérèse not believe from reading the letters?

2. What have Thérèse and Léonie given Victorine for her birthday?

3. What problem does Léonie try to resolve?

4. What is Léonie feeling right now?

5. What does the priest think Thérèse needs to do?

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