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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Thérèse learn about her mother?
(a) That she at one time was going to move to the United States.
(b) That Louis is her first cousin.
(c) That she has a German lover.
(d) That she was probably raped by Germans and Thérèse is a result of that.

2. Who does the priest compliment on the fish?
(a) Victorine.
(b) Madeleine.
(c) Thérèse.
(d) Rose.

3. About whom does Thérèse have violent dreams?
(a) Léonie .
(b) Antoinette.
(c) Madeleine.
(d) Henri.

4. What does Baptiste do?
(a) Pulls the duvet over his and Léonie's head.
(b) Tells Léonie about the church.
(c) Gets up to make coffee.
(d) Asks Léonie to make him breakfast.

5. What problem does Léonie try to resolve?
(a) As to whether she or Thérèse would inherit the house.
(b) As to whether she could make Baptiste like her.
(c) Of when two objects are distinct from each other yet the same.
(d) Of how she and Thérèse could have both seen the same vision.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what do the two women engage at the breakfast table?

2. Why is Louis in a rage?

3. Who is juggling oranges?

4. Who meets Léonie in the woods?

5. What word do both women call out simultaneously as Léonie leaves the room?

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