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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Léonie dream in the nightmare at the beginning of Chapter 18?
(a) That Madeleine's head is rolling down the cellar steps.
(b) That Thérèse nails Léonie to a cross.
(c) That Antoinette's red suitcase is tied up in scarlet cloth.
(d) That she is about to be buried alive in the cellar.

2. Of what is Thérèse's bag full?
(a) Knitting wool.
(b) Money.
(c) Clothing.
(d) Books about Jewish history and customs.

3. Why doesn't Thérèse like the dressing room?
(a) Because it smells to strongly of vinegar.
(b) Because she has seen a ghost there.
(c) Because it is where her mother makes her stand when she is bad.
(d) Because Victorine and Antoinette discuss her mother's illness here.

4. Why does Victorine still hate the Germans?
(a) For what they did to Rose Taillé.
(b) Because they killed all the Jews in the town.
(c) Because they raped her and killed her grandmother.
(d) Because they razed the wheat fields one summer and thus many starve that winter.

5. What does Antoinette describe in the letters?
(a) How Léonie was always jealous of Thérèse.
(b) How Thérèse is such a quiet baby.
(c) How Rose Taillé took the baby in because she lost her own baby the week before.
(d) How Thérèse's father is having an affair.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is staring angrily at Thérèse as the front door opens?

2. Why does Victorine takes Léonie and Thérèse into the woods?

3. What does Léonie do with Thérèse's things?

4. How does Léonie help Louis?

5. Who is in trouble with the adults?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the previous chapter, the reader notices that Léonie embraces physicality as seen by her fascination with defecation; in the chapter, "The Frying Pan," what does it seem that Thérèse embraces?

2. How does Antoinette's wasted and emaciated body trigger feelings within Thérèse of her own body image as evidenced in the chapter "The Pillows"?

3. In the chapter, "The Oranges," what problem do you think Léonie is really trying to resolve when she is juggling the oranges or thinking of the magpies?

4. In "The Cake Tin," what can be implied about Victorine's attitudes towards Jews?

5. Who is Thérèse manipulating in the chapter, "The Dust," and why do you think she does this?

6. How, in "The Dust," does Léonie's actions foreshadow her eventual life as wife and mother and living at the Martin property?

7. Describe how the church is decorated for the upcoming festival and what is perhaps a bit odd about that.

8. In "The Onyx Ashtray," what are the ways the Priest conspires to keep the knowledge about the found bones from becoming a focus for the media?

9. How do you think the reaction of Antoinette in the chapter "The Sofa," is related to her reaction to Léonie's previous venture to the cellar in "The Cellar Key"?

10. What do you think that the emptiness in the air about Léonie means?

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