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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the two girls do to save the "dead" baby doll?
(a) Pray over it.
(b) Nothing. They know the doll can't be dead.
(c) Give CPR.
(d) Operate.

2. Why doesn't Thérèse like the dressing room?
(a) Because it smells to strongly of vinegar.
(b) Because it is where her mother makes her stand when she is bad.
(c) Because Victorine and Antoinette discuss her mother's illness here.
(d) Because she has seen a ghost there.

3. What does Madeleine tell her daughter about the daughter's father, Maurice?
(a) How Louis and Maurice were friends and how Maurice helped hide the villagers' wine in the cellar.
(b) That he loves his daughter very much.
(c) That he was a German collaborator.
(d) That he deserts the family and goes to the United States.

4. What color of eyes does everyone in the area seem to have?
(a) It varies.
(b) Dark brown.
(c) Green.
(d) Blue.

5. Who watches Léonie as she drags the suitcase back and forth in her nightmare?
(a) Maurice.
(b) Antoinette.
(c) Madeleine.
(d) Nazis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thérèse notice as the only things that have changed?

2. Who cares for Thérèse the first year and a half of her life?

3. How does Thérèse feel in her clothes?

4. What does Léonie tell the house?

5. What is next to a photo of Léonie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What might the lava image which Thérèse images in "The Rosary," mean to Thérèse?

2. How is the occupation of the Germans described in "The Carpets"?

3. In "The Onyx Ashtray," what are the ways the Priest conspires to keep the knowledge about the found bones from becoming a focus for the media?

4. In "The Gray Silk Nightshirt," as the two women sit and chat in Thérèse's room, what is revealed overtly or implied about their relationship and each woman as individuals?

5. In the chapter, "The Silver Cake Tray," what do you think is the significance of the shrine?

6. In the chapter, "The Holdall," how does what Léonie finds while going through Thérèse's things demonstrate the differences between the two women?

7. How, in "The Dust," does Léonie's actions foreshadow her eventual life as wife and mother and living at the Martin property?

8. What do you think is symbolic about the dinner the two women share?

9. How do Therèse's actions in this chapter, "The Fish Kettle," foreshadow her decision to become a nun?

10. What is a possible reason the author has Léonie jabbing her cigarette in the air to emphasize the argument with Thérèse?

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