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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Thérèse find when she goes to the clearing looking for Léonie?
(a) Léonie kneeling by a rock.
(b) Baptiste killing a kitten.
(c) The black stag.
(d) The woman that Léonie had described.

2. Who does Léonie believe stole her soul?
(a) No one; she still believes she has a soul.
(b) The priest who molests her.
(c) The devil.
(d) Thérèse.

3. What does Thérèse do when her mother takes her home at a year and a half?
(a) Cries for the entire evening.
(b) Responds to nothing and is absolutely quiet.
(c) Goes into a catatonic phase.
(d) Cuddles up to her mother immediately.

4. What does Antoinette wish?
(a) That the girls were sisters.
(b) That the girls are not so fair-haired.
(c) That Henri had lived to see the girls.
(d) That Antoinette had married Thérèse's father.

5. Why does Thérèse refuse to eat?
(a) Because her mother is not eating.
(b) Because she feels ugly and overweight.
(c) Because her father is not there.
(d) Because there is a famine at the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Thérèse settles in to her new home?

2. What are the ladies discussing when the two girls decide to go down to the cellar?

3. What do the girls bring up from the cellar?

4. What does Léonie dream in the nightmare at the beginning of Chapter 18?

5. Who chases Léonie?

Short Essay Questions

1. What task do you believe is now set before Léonie?

2. How do the two bakeries mentioned in "The Bread Basket" represent the same situation as that of Léonie and Thérèse?

3. What is symbolized by Léonie's lying in the woods and undressing to have sex with Baptiste?

4. In an agreement to exchange secrets, Thérèse allows Léonie to read one of Thérèse's letters from Antoinette to her older sister in the convent. Do you think Thérèse is actually revealing a secret?

5. Describe how the church is decorated for the upcoming festival and what is perhaps a bit odd about that.

6. How is the relationship between Baptiste and Léonie developed in this chapter?

7. What do you think that the emptiness in the air about Léonie means?

8. Briefly describe the scene about the broth and discuss its possible symbolism in the chapter "The Slotted Spoon."

9. How, in "The Dust," does Léonie's actions foreshadow her eventual life as wife and mother and living at the Martin property?

10. What about her mother's impending death seems to be of greatest concern to Thérèse in the chapter "The Statue of the Virgin"?

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