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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The novel begins with the description of what?
(a) Michael's favorite horse.
(b) The barn.
(c) The farm house.
(d) A nightmare.

2. What does Thérèse do for her mother?
(a) Reads to her in bed.
(b) Combs and braids her hair everyday.
(c) Takes her tea three times a day.
(d) She makes herself suffer in small ways so that her mother will suffer less in purgatory.

3. What does the new priest do when he arrives in the town near the farmhouse?
(a) Consecrates the shrine.
(b) He puts an end to the worship at the shrine, as well as to the dancing and festivities.
(c) Adds a cross to the shrine's altar.
(d) Has the shrine completely obliterated.

4. Of what is Antionette's mouth full?
(a) Chewing gum.
(b) Chocolate cake.
(c) Lentils.
(d) Torn-up letters and broken glass.

5. What do the two girls do to save the "dead" baby doll?
(a) Operate.
(b) Give CPR.
(c) Nothing. They know the doll can't be dead.
(d) Pray over it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is next to a photo of Léonie?

2. How do the girls "doctor" each other?

3. From where does the chandelier come?

4. What does Thérèse notice that Léonie has done?

5. What does Léonie imagine she will do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What in "The Ivory Ring" chapter foreshadows Thérèse's despondency about her mother's death and her father transferring his affection to Madeleine?

2. How, in "The Dust," does Léonie's actions foreshadow her eventual life as wife and mother and living at the Martin property?

3. How does Antoinette's wasted and emaciated body trigger feelings within Thérèse of her own body image as evidenced in the chapter "The Pillows"?

4. How does Léonie symbolically enter the adult world in the chapter titled "The Ironing Board"?

5. Do you think either woman is more innocent in the way they interact here in the chapter titled "The Cigarette?"

6. What do you think the wind Léonie feels means?

7. In the chapter, "The Holdall," how does what Léonie finds while going through Thérèse's things demonstrate the differences between the two women?

8. What is the memory that Léonie intuits?

9. What does Thérèse notice in the graveyard in the chapter "The Doorbell"?

10. Describe the vision experience that Thérèse has in this chapter.

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