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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what do Léonie and Thérèse argue?
(a) Why horses don't lie down to sleep.
(b) Whether it is right to still be angry with German collaborators.
(c) If French people are smarter than English people.
(d) French and English food.

2. Why does Madeleine defend Léonie's action of going down to the cellar?
(a) Because Léonie is her daughter.
(b) She tells Antoinette that Léonie was just curious because of a story Madeleine has told Léonie.
(c) Because Madeleine asks Léonie to go get some wine from the cellar.
(d) Because Madeleine thinks everyone picks on Léonie.

3. How is the farmhouse described?
(a) As a safe haven.
(b) As common.
(c) As changeable.
(d) As a rickety old building.

4. What does Léonie do after Louis leaves the bathroom?
(a) Goes into the bathroom and takes a shower.
(b) Goes outside with Louis while he washes at the pump.
(c) Goes in and stares at the toiletries and soap in the bathroom.
(d) Lies in the haystack with Louis.

5. Who is in trouble with the adults?
(a) Léonie and Thérèse.
(b) Baptiste and his male friends.
(c) Léonie and Baptiste.
(d) No one.s

Short Answer Questions

1. Who of the Germans stays at the Martin estate during the war?

2. What does Léonie imagine she will do?

3. Why does Baptiste supposedly despise Thérèse?

4. What does Antoinette do under the influence of morphine?

5. Who is staring angrily at Thérèse as the front door opens?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "The Writing Table," what is Léonie doing on the advice of her lawyer and why?

2. In the chapter, "The Oranges," what problem do you think Léonie is really trying to resolve when she is juggling the oranges or thinking of the magpies?

3. What task do you believe is now set before Léonie?

4. Describe the nightmare with which the chapter "The Wall" opens.

5. In the chapter "The Green Scarf," how does the celebration in the woods contrast to that of organized religion?

6. How, in "The Dust," does Léonie's actions foreshadow her eventual life as wife and mother and living at the Martin property?

7. Describe Thérèse's first tour of the house as shown in "The Buffet." What is ironic about one of her thoughts?

8. How is the occupation of the Germans described in "The Carpets"?

9. What is the memory that Léonie intuits?

10. In the chapter, "The Quimper Dish, what do you think is the reason behind Thérèse's sudden "illness"?

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