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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 39, The Onyx Ashtray | Chapter 40, The Fish Kettle.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who puts on a show of having a vision for the villagers?
(a) Léonie.
(b) Madeleine.
(c) Thérèse.
(d) Victorine.

2. What is Louis doing in his workshop?
(a) Sleeping in the sun.
(b) Talking with Madeleine about Antoinette.
(c) Handling pieces of the Quimper bowl.
(d) Leading the bull to the cow pasture.

3. Who took the photograph of Léonie and Thérèse?
(a) Baptiste.
(b) Soi Maria.
(c) Henri.
(d) Victorine.

4. What do the girls do after being exhausted from fighting?
(a) Go downstairs for hot chocolate.
(b) Have a sexual encounter.
(c) Go to sleep.
(d) Go play with the kittens in the barn.

5. What do the girls bring up from the cellar?
(a) An old wine bottle.
(b) Three garlic cloves for the cook.
(c) Two baby mice.
(d) Red velvet shoe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Thérèse find when she goes to the clearing looking for Léonie?

2. What does Léonie still use?

3. What does the person who had a German officer as a lover now do?

4. Who tells the story about the bones, Jewish family, and Henri?

5. What does Léonie ask her mother?

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